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Enjoy your wedding, and enhance the splendor of Charleston by having your floral design and service coordinated by InBloom
named Charleston's "Chic-Boutique' Floral design service in 2011
was so pleased with the arrangements that InBloom made for my wedding. They created spectacular bouquets and center pieces and they were exactly as I envisioned: the right color scheme, size and general idea. Betsy and Ginny were very friendly and easy to work with.
                * CharlestonBride May 2015
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In Bloom works the MAGIC

wedding Pricing

Quantity for weddings-price changer!

by Betsy Walker on 01/31/19

In Bloom's pricing for wedding floral changes during Mothers Day and Valentines Day. Also, during those special holidays, the availability is limited and we need to order fast and with no errors!

Other than that, Floral prices are standard-we always use our basics of Hydrangeas, Standard Roses, Greenery such as Eucalyptus and Ruscus. 
The most expensive flowers will always be Peonies and Antique Hydrangeas. 
QUANTITY is a price changer! If you have two Bridesmaids, your price will be higher per bouquet! If you have 8 Bridesmaids, the per bouquet pricing is lower, as our floral order quantity is larger! Simple math! This mechanism works the same way with recption table counts.

Charleston Charleston do the Charleston in January-February

by Betsy Walker on 08/07/18

Think about the cooler temperatures during our lowcountry Winters here. December, January & February. Just because the season is WINTER, the opportunities are abundant with flowers for your wedding. The flowers are NOT taking a hibernation break!

All of your favorites are available-and they are so much happier without the 100 degree temps and humidity!
In Blooms best weddings to date have been in January & February!


by Betsy Walker on 07/16/18

Make a statement at your wedding reception with the bold look of SILVER on your tables with floral and greenery!

In Bloom has many unique silver vessels for you to drool over.
Tea cups and pitchers, bowls, gravy ladels, beverage pitchers and smaller mint julep cups. Even a large antique punch bowl with handles! Who says you cant make a statement using a silver tea cup with white floral on a cocktail table? Not Martha Stewart!

Charleston SC continues the extreme heat, and cares nothing about our flowers!

by Betsy Walker on 06/21/18

Brides and thier Guests continue to flock to Charleston's sub tropical climate to exchange Summer vows - and party all night-regardless of the extreme heat.

Which flowers hate it the most? Hydrangeas and Garden Roses. 
We care about these beauties, and we also care about Bride's make-up & gorgeous hair blow-outs and hair tonics! Be kind to your Guests and re-consider an outdoor ceremony here in June, July. August- AND EVEN SEPTEMBER!
The stability of the flower is based on temperature and humidity.